To scalp or not to scalp?

In Lawn Care

We have just begun our cutting season and I often get asked to scalp yards for the first cutting.  I will always do whatever the customer asks or needs, but it is not a necessary practice.  Scalping Bermuda or Zoysia lawns has its pros and cons.  Scalping your lawn takes off the dormant winter canopy that has formed allowing for the sun to warm up the soil, promoting quicker greening.  Research has also shown that cutting more than 50% of the blade length causes stunted root growth which is what ultimately thickens your lawn and naturally keeps the weeds out in the spring and summer months.

With that being said, scalping, is a personal preference, but most definitely not a requirement for a healthy lawn.  Our recommendation for the first cut is to lower your mower setting 1 level and taking more than 1/3 blade height in future cuttings is discouraged.

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